The redemption for the Cavaliers

By: Carlos Lassalle

Earlier in the NBA season, the Cavaliers were struggling against teams they weren’t supposed to be struggling against. Now suddenly, the Cavaliers that everyone desperately cried out for have finally arrived! The Cavs were struggling in their team chemistry, game performance, defense, and they just weren’t playing how they should. On the good side, the bench has been great, producing points and doing exactly what is expected from them. Previously, the Cavaliers bench wasn’t as deep and as proficient 3 years ago as it is now. Keep in mind, the Cavaliers are playing without some of their stars; Isaiah Thomas (hip injury), Derrick Rose (ankle injury/thinking further of his career in the NBA), and Tristan Thompson (calf injury). As of November 28, 2017, they have been in a nine game winning streak and they look like they’re not going to slow down for anybody, as they seek redemption for their early season struggles. They are enhancing their team because 1) it’s their goal, and 2) they need to prepare for the arrival of their newly acquired star point guard, Isaiah Thomas. Isaiah Thomas has recovered from a hip injury since last season’s Playoffs and his recovery has sped up. Many were expecting for him to return early January, but the outcome has changed to Mid-December. The Cavs have turned around their struggles into victories, now their goal is to keep improving and developing chemistry as a team. November was a strong month for the Cavaliers, now they have a slightly easier month, the début of Isaiah Thomas, and the rematch against their rival, the Golden State Warriors, on Christmas Day. Cleveland’s motto; “Defend The Land” is being represented by their team, they are developing, improving, and strengthening overall; best of all, they are “defending the land” and getting the wins they need to prove the doubters around them….wrong!

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