Are game journalists really needed?

By: Juan Santos

Blown out proportion by Ian Miles Cheong on twitter, many gamers saw it as proof to start a dumpster fire. "Game journalists are incredibly bad at video games. It’s painful to watch this. How do they think they're qualified to write about games?"

Cuphead is the new “shoot-em-up” game that is sparking big debate within the gaming community. Video game journalist are to be experienced on at least some basic level (but shouldn’t be held up to be the best), After all, they are the people who most gamers trust in to have their backs when it comes to what is good and what is bad. A video of a Dean Takahashi surfaced a month right before the release date of the MDHR studio game, Cuphead. Dean Takahashi is one of the lead writers for VentureBeat, was recorded for 26 minutes failing at the tutorial of the game. The game was never meant to be easy in any way shape or form. The video was released to their own YouTube channel. In the description of the video, it says “Dean Takahashi doesn’t really play platformers or sidescrolling action games. He’s bad at them.” He was the only member of the staff in Germany during the time of Gamescom, he agreed to try it out for VentureBeat. The “review” wasn’t a review at all.

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