Baile Funk is taking over Brazil

By: Kelly Castro

Funk Carioca, also known as favela funk or baile funk in Brazil. The music genre comes from Miami Bass and Gangsta Rap Music. Miami bass has a wide-range of influences which most come from Latin origins, meanwhile Gangsta rap music is basically hardcore hip hop. The music genre lately has become more popular over the years, however artists tend to use vulgar lyrics, degrading women, and many other inappropriate subjects in their songs. Funk Carioca in USA is very localized, but not as popular as Hip-Hop, R&B, and Pop. In Brazil, the genre is more popular and is most likely to be heard everywhere in the country.


In Brazil, funk carioca are constantly criticized due to the fact that most of the artists tend to include violence and sexual acts in their lyrics. On the other hand, there are some funk songs that bring up poverty, human dignity, racial pride, and social injustice. To the artists that write the songs, it is another way to express their emotions towards most of the several social issues.


There are many artists in Brazil that come from the poorest part of the country – Sao Paulo which people mistaken to be the richest city, but they are wrong. Artists such as MC Livinho, MC Kevinho, and MC Pedrinho have all been criticized by society due to their songs. Either the lyrics, the title, or the what the song is about. But the one thing that the artists have in common is that they all have been recognized by each and one of their songs. “Mulher Kama Sutra” was MC Livinho’s first national success in 2012, even though in the chorus it mentions sexual acts related to the book, “Kama Sutra.” Other than that the artist became recognized very fast. Another artist that instantly became recognized was MC Pedrinho, nationally known for “Dom Dom Dom” He became famous very quick at a very young age even though the lyrics in the song were inappropriate for his age. “Olha A Explosao” MC Kevinho’s hit single, all the other songs the artist has made were singles but two out of the all of them over the years made him more well known. Besides that, many other artists became successful and others became one hit wonders such as Michel Telo with his song, “Ai Se Eu Te Pego” and Gusttavo Lima with “Balada”.

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