The Language of Fanspeak: Volume 4, P-T

By: Kassity Murphy

P :

PADS/PCDS/PGDS/PSDS – Post Anime/Con/Game/Show Depression Syndrome; the stage of a fan’s life where a favorite anime, game, or show end; When a Con ends and the fan is now broke.

Example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n7KHwi0vrGA

Pairing – Another name for shipping ( See Shipping ).

Porn With(out) Plot/ Plot What Plot? – A genre of Crack that has no real plot other than sex; Another name for Crack in that the Fanfic does not have any plot whatsoever.

R :

Reader Insert – A gene of Fanfiction that has the reader in the fic interacting with the Canon characters, written in second person.

Example: Tom Hiddleston x Reader

Real Person Fic/RPF – A genre of Fanfiction that uses the actor of a character rather than the character themself.

Example: Supernatural RPF i.e., with Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki  rather than Dean and Sam.

RLOTP – Real Life One True Pairing; The label of a real life couple or not – normally celebrities-  that a fan ships.

Example: Jared Padalecki x Genevieve Cortese

Role Play/ RP – When fans pretend to be characters of their Fandom and type out headcanons or cracks; the online version of LARPing.

S :

Seme – Japanese term for a dominant in a relationship, mostly used in Yaoi.

Ship – The people being shipped. ( More info. See Ship Name )

Example: Tessa x Will, Tessa x Jem, Aristotle x Dante

Ship Name – the official name of a ship; the official name that a Fandom gives the pairing.

Example: Gochi ( Goku x Chichi ), Percebeth ( Percy x Annabeth ), Solangelo ( Will Solace x Nico Di Angelo )

Shipping – The act of pairing two or more characters with each other in the form of a sexual, platonic, and/or sibling relationship.

Ship War – Similar to Fandom Wars but are specifically limited to ships and can be within the same Fandom.

Shojo – Japanese anime and manga genre for the teenage girl demographic.

Example: Vampire Knight by Matsuri Hino, Captive Hearts by Matsuri Hino, Kimi ni Todoke by Karaho Shiina, Tail of the Moon by Rinko Ueda

Shoujo-ai – Similar to Shounen-ai but is the relationship between two female characters instead of males; the innocent version of Yuri.









Shounen – Japanese anime and manga genre for the teenage boy demographic.

Example: One Punch Man by One, Fullmetal Alchemist by Hiromu Arakawa, Hunter x Hunter by Yoshihiro Togashi

Shounen-ai – The innocent version of Yaoi that focuses solely on the relationship building and progressing and will not go past a simple kiss on the lips; the japanese term for Boy’s Love and is very popular among teenage girls in the US and Japan.









Slash –  A sub form of Shipping where the characters are the same sex; typically used to describe homosexual male pairings.

Example: Draco x Harry, Will x Jem, Alec x Magnus  

Smut – Similar to Hentai but in the written form.

Squick – A genre of Fanfiction where the fic turns of the reader with its themes of violent sickness and/or sexual content.

Squue – A fan’s battle cry, mainly used by fangirls.

Example: “ASDFGHJKL!!!! *squee*!!!!”

Sub – Subtitles of a show that is not dubbed.



Submarines – A ship that is not well liked or well known.

Example: Yuki x Zero, Yuki x Kaname

T :

Tag – Term used for the short description in Fan Works to make it easier to find and place what Fandom it belongs in. Needs to have a “/,” “!,” and/or “?.”

Example: Goku/Chi-Chi, BAMF! John Watson


Trash – When a fanboy/fangirl goes through an unhealthy obsession with a Fandom with no regard to the Fandom itself.


Tsundere – A popular anime personality in which the character, typically a female, is abrasive towards everyone including their love interest but is actually really nice and compassionate.

Tumblr – A website that combines forums, blogs, and is the headquarters for all fanworks. NOTE: Site is the go to place for anything and everything but users must be politically correct when addressing the whole of Tumblr rather than their respective Fandoms.


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