Barnes and Noble bookstores sales have decreased significantly causing the book retail chain to close stores

By: Kassity Murphy

Already book lover’s hearts skip a beat and their Sherlock brains kick into overdrive, deducing the outcomes and probabilities. All to make this piece of news not true.

Barnes and Noble has unfortunately been in decline since 2011 in not only its stocks but their sales too. Additionally, the book retail chain has been closing approximately 15 stores per year since 2003.

There was a time when Barnes and Noble’s line were long and strenuous, especially to those who had ten books strategically arranged in their minuscule green baskets that were practically Hermione’s purse in The Deathly Hallows. However, the lines only have about two three people max if you include yourself.

This can be contributed to the fact that Amazon and other online bookstores and retailers exist.

The need to go out and physically buy something has become almost backwards and archaic. Physical books have been replaced with tablets that download books so your library can be with you 24/7.

Yet, Barnes and Noble was the first to create said device that is harming them. The Nook was the first portable library that now can barely stay afloat. It’s declining sales and lack of interest with customers is delivering massive blows to Barnes and Noble sales.

The years have been pretty bleak for the bookstore superpower but, all the while they sell their wares and hold events all to bring customers in their doors. Erecting a façade for all us book lovers.

However, recently Barnes and Noble has some marginal growth in sales last quarter. This little seed of hope has managed to give Barnes and Noble its life back; Barnes and Noble has reduced its quota for the next quarter and wait patiently for the results.

So, bibliophiles everywhere can take a deep breath, still their beating heart, and calm down knowing that despite the obstacles Barnes and Noble is facing, our safe haven will carry on like the many heroes and heroines we have come to cherish and rip apart anyone who disrespects them 😉 .






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