Miami-Dade’s ban on pit bulls might come to an end

By: Mallory Mitnick

A Miami-Dade commissioner would like to do away with the ban against pit bulls. According to the Miami-Dade County website, pit bulls, Shaffordshire terriers, and “any other dog that substantially conforms to these dogs characteristics,” have been banned since an attack on an eight year old girl in 1989. It was argued that pit bulls have extremely powerful jaws and the popularity as a fighting dog, making these dogs a danger to this county. However, commissioner Bruno Barreiro believes otherwise. ” A Rottweiler. A German Shepard. A Doberman Pinscher. These are all dangerous animals if they are raised incorrectly,” Barreiro remarked. ” A pit bull is the same thing.”

This subject was brought to attention when Mark Buehrle, Miami Marlins pitcher, was unable to live in Miami-Dade unless he got rid of his American Staffordshire terrior, Slater. “Every dog has good and bad, it all depends on the handlers,” stated Buehrle’s wife in agreement with Barreiro.

In 2012, a vote was taken on the ban of pit bulls and 63% voted against the repeal on pit bulls, and dogs similar to them. It was decided on May 1, 2015, that there would be a second vote on the legalization of these strong dogs. Pit bull supporters are once again reaching out to voters to help overturn an unjust law that punishes a specific dog breed, instead of punishing owners who raised dogs in violence. It is unfair to punish a dog for being born with its natural characteristics. Pit bulls are not inherently more threatening than other dogs. Dog attacks are an often occurrence, but attacks from other dog breeds are not as widely broadcasted as a pit bull attack would be. Many pups have been euthanized because they are forbidden to go to happy families in Miami. This ban has lasted nearly 30 years, and that is long enough.

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