Mother sentenced for attempted murder charges on adopted child

By: Nelly A. Puchkoff

The mother of a disabled adopted child was sentenced to prison for the murder of her daughter. Bonnie Litlz was sentenced for four years of prison on Wednesday for her act of drugging and  murdering of her 28 year old disabled daughter almost a year ago. The bail for Bonnie was revoked, and she was soon in handcuffs. It was recommended that Bonnie take four years in prison and mental health counseling but received a fourteen year sentence instead. Bonnie is 56 years old and said that the only way she could save her daughters life was to take it, “Heaven is the only safe place for her”, said Bonnie. Bonnie was diagnosed with ovarian cancer at the age of 19. “If I die, what would happen to Courtney?”, she stated. Courtney, her daughter, suffered from cerebral palsy and had severe cognitive defects from a seizure she had when she was two. It will soon be determined whether Bonnie will be placed in the medical wing of the prison.

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