Clean-up on aisle 7, someone spilled the lemonade

By: Gabby Llerena

On Saturday. April 23, 2016, Beyoncé took the world by storm launching her visual album titled Lemonade. The hour long special appeared on HBO and contain many references to black culture and female empowerment. The main issue that kept everyone talking was not how the video closely resembles a horror film, but the underlying tone which was screamed… deception! It was undeniable that Beyoncé alluded to the Jay-Z’s alleged affair. Rumors quickly circulated about who the mistress could be. Many thought it could be fashion designer Rachel Roy or pop singer Rita Ora, but both quick to dismiss these rumors. Yet members of the Beyhive took flight identifying clues in the video to prove that Beyoncé was providing proof.

Shortly after the program concluded the album with the same name was released on tidal. Fans quick flocked to listen to it, combing over the lyrics and many more references quickly became available. Specifically in the songs, “Don’t hurt yourself” and “Sorry.” No one can know for sure. Many speculated that she was speaking out for her mother. Who was repeatedly cheated on by her father and who has a love child with his mistress.

The one comedic aspect of this entire dispute was the mass confusion between Rachel Roy and Rachel Ray. Many people went hard after Rachel Ray in belief she was Rachel Roy causing public laughter and mass confusion.


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