G. Holmes Braddock Senior High students are accused of sexual battery

On Saturday, May 1, 2016, the seniors at G. Holmes Braddock Senior High attended their prom – the most looked forward to event of the year. A group of 4 boys leaving prom sexually assaulted a young woman who was incapacitated in a hotel room in Bal Harbour, according to the Miami-Dade Police. The four young men, Adrian Machin, Luis Rosello, Julio Fernandez, and Adan Valdes are allegedly involved in the incident. It seems the young woman was assaulted with an umbrella handle and sexually violated by the young boys who recorded their actions and posted the video on social media. The young woman is yet to be identified.

As seniors at Miami Springs looking forward to our prom, I urge everyone to please be cautious; use extremely care with what you do after prom. After parties are immensely popular and are bound to happen – and should – but the students should be aware and take precautions to have a fun but stay safe. The four teens have all been arrested without bond and are facing serious charges. It is tragic and horrific to think that people you attend school with could commit such a horrific act, sacrificing their future, and shaming their families. Prom is a night to have fun, but the actions you commit are not worth sacrificing the rest of your life. Remember prom with a smile on your face not regret in your heart. Please be safe!

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