Have you thought about why you like one style of music more so than another?

By: Ashley Saravia

Music gets everyone out of their seats and on to a dance floor. Certain songs have the power to wire your brain and fill your body with happiness and making you feel like you’re the only person in the world? According to a study held at Cambridge University, there are two types of music listeners: Emphathisers and Systemisers. The study determined that our “cognitive style influences our musical taste” and reflects our personality.  The study was conducted with the help of four thousand participants.  It was determined that “Emphathisers” have an ability to understand others thoughts and feelings and seem to listen to romantic, relaxing, sad music like “soft rock or some R&B”.  While “Systemisers”, who have jobs that involve science or math, are more interested in how music makes them feel rather than the actual quality of the song. They prefer the soothing sounds of  “jazz and classical genres”.  Also, “Empathisers” spend more time listening to music than “Systemisers” because they feel and see music as a puzzle that needs to be solved.

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