Make us proud Cambridge scholars

By: Darin Gutierrez

The Cambridge program was introduced at Miami Springs Senior High in the 2012-2013 school year, and now as we approach the graduation of the class of 2016, it will be the first graduating Cambridge class. As a member of the Cambridge graduating class, the long hours spent studying and preparing for AICE exams were well spent and worth it. Along with 40 other students who will be graduating with a diploma of completion from the University of Cambridge, we are considered the top tier of our high school and class. It is an honor to be graduating alongside the smartest students in the school and to have the best of the best teachers.

Though the Cambridge program was extremely hard and required sacrifice, it was worth it completely. I also have transferring Cambridge credits for my first year in college, and a head start. The program was free, meaning I saved thousands of dollars for college by taking these courses in high school. I recommend that all incoming freshmen try to apply for the Cambridge program and take classes. Our school offers several classes like; English Literature, General Paper, Environmental Science, Thinking Skills, U.S. History, and many more. Miami Springs has improved in several programs and the more you’re in, the more you will benefit.

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