The art of makeup

By: Ashley Saravia

Makeup has paved the way for countless consumers to express their sense of style and has enabled new friendships to bloom by sharing their hobby through online posts. The average person uses makeup as just a way to hide their imperfections, and do not truly immerse themselves in the art of makeup.  Art is not only oil on canvas; it is all around us in different mediums. Skill comes with patience and lots of practice, so do not get overwhelmed on your first try with your wing liner.  Just relax and remember that the road smooths out the bumps when you no longer pay attention.

Local artist and society has also paved the road for makeup artist and the average makeup enthusiast.  As a matter of fact, a location plays a big role in the inspiration department. Instagram is blowing-up with makeup gurus posting photos on their latest favorites. The average rookie can purchase the makeup used on film to test out the techniques, but don’t be surprise when the results are yet another failure;”greatness takes time!”  The key is to never give up trying to express yourself.

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