Marco Rubio’s return to the Senate

By: Daniela Ferrer

After a failed presidential attempt, Senator Marco Rubio is back at work; this time with a new proposition. His plan is to pass a bill that would deprive Cuban immigrants of the benefits they currently receive when they set foot on this country. More and more Cubans are fleeing the island through Central America or by boat, and taking these benefits away from them in the middle of non-stop immigration crisis can end up causing problems in areas such as Miami-Dade, where most of them end up settling. The changes Rubio wants to make could take tax local services to the breaking point, and lead to an increase in homelessness and people in poverty. He claims that many Cubans have “abused the program” and “are stealing $700 million a year” from the general population, making his plan a perfect way to end this. This will not allow for any fraud in benefit programs to be committed, less tax money could be spent, and the Cuban Adjustment Act and the wet-foot/ dry-foot policy do need an update, but this proposition is not an option. Fortunately, the Senate didn’t accept, and even refused to vote on his offer.

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