Helly Luv is starting her own revolution

By: Emelie Gerdes

Iranian Pop Star Helly Luv is taking a stand against ISIS.  Luv is a 26-year-old pop artist who was born in Iran; she’s a conservative yet revolutionary singer who lives in Los Angeles, CA.  Her music is political, to say the least.  Her new song “Revolution” embodies everything she stands for as a person, as well as those whom she represents.  Luv was only two miles away from the northern Iraqi front when she was filming her music video for the song.  It was not only risky but extremely dangerous considering that she was taking a personal stab at ISIS with her anti-ISIS song so close to their front lines.  “If I can fight them with my music, then my song is as powerful as or more powerful than their weapons“, says Helly.  The war in Iraq is something that hits close to home for her, because she grew up in the country’s Kurdish region and her father once fought for the very people fighting against ISIS today.  Peshmerga, as they are called, literally translates to “one who confronts death“. These are the military forces of Iraqi Kurdistan. To make her actions even more extraordinary, she got to fire a live shell at ISIS while making her video. “It was amazing,” she stated. “I was screaming ‘more, more! I just hope I didn’t hurt any animals.” 

Helly was interviewed by NBC News – who wouldn’t be eager to speak to a woman fighting against a dangerous terrorist group all on her own? “I am going against the most dangerous terrorist group in the world, but I feel that there are thousands of people risking their lives against them in the battlefield,” Luv told NBC. “If my life is at risk, but I can get the message to millions of people, then that is a privilege.” Helly’s humble words and warm heart have touched many people and resonated with most who have watched her “Revolution” video on YouTube.  The video went viral on May 28, 2015, and it has over 2 million views.


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