Spotlight: Jonathan Damota

By: Nicole Costa

Jonathan Damota, currently a senior at Miami Springs Senior High, is the captain of the basketball team!  At a towering height of 6 feet 3 inches tall, Damota is hard to miss as he peers over all of the students in the hallway. Throughout his high school career, he’s played for three years as guard/forward but started to play basketball many years prior to entering high school. When asked what makes him such a great player, Jonathan said: “I’m motivated by my desire to be better than my competition and my passion for the game.” He says he’s going to miss playing and bonding with the team off and on the court. He has not yet decided as to what college he will attend but he knows he wants to major in biomedical sciences on a pre-med track. 

Fun fact: Due to his squinty eyes and pitch black hair, Jonathan often finds himself saying, “I’m not Asian!” (He is actually half Brazilian and half Puerto Rican). 

Nickname: J-Money

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