Anchor Rocks the State in this Year’s Convention

By: Christian Duran

Miami Springs’ ANCHOR CLUB celebrates 50 years of service (est. 1964)


2014-2015 Florida District Competition (9 Awards presented to MSSH)

1st Place:  Overall Service, Patriotism, Anchor for Kids, Environmental Projects, Community Service, Lip Sync; 2nd Place:  Spirit; 3rd Place:  Brain-Related Disorders; 3rd Place:  Outstanding Anchor Member of the State: President Krista Schubert!

 Anchor Convention is an event where Anchor Clubs from across the state of Florida get together to commemorate and award a great year of community service. Miami Springs Anchor Club took 19 of their best Anchor members and both of their lovely sponsors up to Kissimmee, Florida where convention took place this year during the weekend of March 6-8. The theme of convention this year was “Anchor Rocks the State”. Anchors from all over Florida participate in several entertaining activities that allow them to meet other Anchor members. Some of these events consist of a meet and greet through sports themed charades, a bird house painting service project and a dance party on Saturday night. Convention is hosted by Pilot International (the adult club that sponsors Anchor Clubs) in conjunctions with the district Anchor officers.

Although many schools arrive at the hotel on Friday night, Saturday morning is when all of the festivities commence. All Anchors must be up bright and early for the real beginning of convention. Over two hundred people gathered in one huge banquet hall to celebrate service throughout the state. After the district officers introduce themselves, the fun activities really begin. These activities are meant to bring anchor members from different schools together in order to  interact with and get to know one another. Anchors are paired up with people they have never met before  to play charades, dance around the room, and sing competitive chants. The room is then split into halves and the two sides of the room scream back-and-forth at each other to see which side has more spirit. After these energetic exercises, the nominees for state office give their speeches on why they deserve to win the position that they are running for. Miami springs had one nominee for state office, Christian Duran,  who ran for the position of treasurer. Three delegates from each school are allowed to vote for the candidate they think is best suited for the position.

For lunch everyone chooses a random number; the number represents the table that you will be seated at. This allows everyone to socialize and meet new people. After lunch, everyone returns to their tables with their schools. When everyone is seated, the new state officers are announced, with yours truly becoming the 2015-2016 Anchor state treasurer.  This year’s service project at convention was to assemble and paint birdhouses to donate to local nursing homes. When the birdhouses were finished, everyone was dismissed for a 3 hour break before dinner.

At around 7:00 P.M. everyone is gathering back at the convention center in their formal attire for dinner. Once everyone had a chance to eat, the new state officers were presented, sworn in, and accepted their duties. Afterwards, every schools run up to their rooms to change for the lip sync. Schools prepare for the lip sync weeks before convention, it is most likely the most competitive part of convention. It’s great to see all the creative dances and song choices that each school performed in. The last event on Saturday was the party, where everyone danced for about 2 hours straight.

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