Experiencing Grad Bash 2023

By: Julius McKnight and Frederica Harrell

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As you know, the class of 2023 had a trip to universal Studios to celebrate there four years of high school. During the day, the students attended classes, but in the afternoon, the seniors were ready to take off on the bus that would lead them on a magical journey to Universal Studious.  Miami Springs took three buses and every student was assigned different color card with a number. If you had a pink card, you were on bus one; if you had a blue card, then you would be on bus two; and lastly, if you had yellow card, you would be on bus three.

During the trip, all three buses stopped at the same rest stop where everyone ate and used the restroom before continuing on the road. We arrived at Universal and received our tickets and wristbands to the enter the park.  If you had a bag, you had to get in line to get it checked, but if you did not, you moved a little faster.

After security check, you were greeted with music and were free to enjoy the rides at the park.  During our experience at grad bash, we rode on a lot of rides that were our favorites then also did a little shopping for small gifts to take home. Our favorite gift shop was the Spiderman store, which was, of course, packed with students. We purchased a Spiderman theme wristband for an apple watch and air pod case and also some stuffed Spiderman toys.

All in all, we enjoyed the night and had plenty of fun. It was an unforgettable time to spend with fellow seniors.

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