Moonbin, member of South Korean boyband ASTRO dies at age twenty-five

By: Ceanna Rivas

Moonbin’s sudden death was confirmed by his group’s staff account via Instagram and on their official twitter all in Korean, stating he suddenly left us and became a star in the sky, also sending condolences to his family. A cause of death wasn’t specified. Moonbin was found dead in his apartment in Seoul by his manager around 8:10pm last Wednesday. The Gangnam police station told news outlets that they believe Moonbin took his life, stating that there were no signs of foul play. All K-pop fans have been sending condolences all throughout social media all around the world, highlighting the importance of mental health in the idol industry. Moonbin was an all-rounder idol, who acted in multiple web dramas, writing songs for Astro, and was quite popular and loved overall. Fans are most devasted for his sister, Moonsua, member of idol group Billie. Since the news, Billie has announced that all group activities are cancelled for the week. Moonsua and Moonbin were quite close, Moonbin being someone she could lean on when things got rough, someone she could tell everything. It was also his mother’s birthday on the same day he passed away, which fans had just found out. South Korea now has the highest rate of youth suicide, majorly affecting those from teens to their 20’s.

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