‘’Scream 6’’ Movie Reviews

By: Brianna Hollie

The “Scream” franchise has been around for a long time, releasing its first film in 1996, where a masked killer terrorizes the life of a teen by the name of Sidney Prescott. The movies follow the life of Sidney as she enters womanhood a killer coming back to terrorize her every few years, who is regularly referred to by the characters and fans as “ghost face.” However, more recently, Neve Campbell has refused to revise her role in the 2023 movie scream 6 due to payment disagreements.

‘’Scream 6’’ was released on March 10th, 2023, and it is the latest film of the franchise, and I must say it was one of the most suspenseful, thrilling, and heart wrenching films to ever come from a movie titled ‘’Scream’’. Many ‘’Scream’’ fans were met with distraught and had low hopes for the film as the character Sidney Prescott, who was the focus for the first few films and was not making a return, as well as the beloved character Dewey being killed out in the last movie. Directors hoped to fulfil these fans with the return of the character Kirby, who was a fan favorite in ‘’Scream 4’’. However, after seeing the film, the directors did a fantastic job making it so that Sidney’s absence didn’t cloud the excellence of the film. This movie carried the adrenaline, horror, and nostalgia that fans of the original loved and even managed to escalate that uniqueness to a new level.

Here are what some fans had to say following the release of the newest addition to the franchise.

“The suspenseful ladder sequence and Mindy’s tense subway ride are highlights, and the new cast is once again terrific” says Jason Struss.

“Feeling very lucky to be a diehard #Scream fan. #ScreamVI is fantastic. So thankful this franchise fell into Radio Silence’s hands because they continue to crush it. Yes, the Ghostface attacks/killings are especially vicious – a few might be franchise highs in terms of tension” says Twitter user Perri Nemiroff.

“All I’ll say for now is that you’d better secure your #ScreamVI opening weekend tickets now. I LOVED it and I’m still riding the high. Intense, thrilling, heartfelt, smart. I’m a happy, happy gal” explains Twitter user Meagan Navarro.

“It was good I liked the deaths, and the plot was interesting/twists were good” says Miami Springs Senior High senior, Emily Omwake.

Though the ratings for ‘’Scream 6’’ have been the highest that any movie from this franchise has ever achieved, some fans were a little dissatisfied with the film.

“Here’s the thing: the new characters just aren’t that interesting. We grew to love Sidney and the original “Scream” survivors, but the characters of this new franchise are merely pale imitations of what came before. And none of them are very compelling, not even the Carpenter sisters” explains Chris Evangelista.

All in all, ‘’Scream 6’’ has provoked a variety of emotions from fans of the film and new film viewers. The movie can be described as gruesome and brutal, whilst also being thrilling and mind boggling.



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