Steve Lacy

By: Breanna Solano

 Born in Compton California, on May 23, 1998, making him a Gemini referenced in one of his albums Gemini Rights. His stage name is Steve Lacy, real name of Steve Thomas Lacy Moya. Steve produced and performed his first songs on his iPhone, while in a garage band. He produced songs for big-name artists, like J. Cole, Gold link, Kendrick Lamar, Isaiah Rashad etc. Steve Lacy’s music is labeled as alternative R&B and soul music.  

Steve Lacy gained attraction when he joined the band ‘The internet’ in 2013 but made his demo solo project which was released in February of 2017 that includes hits like dark red, which most of the record was created on his iPhone. Steve Lacy made his official album debut in 2019 with Apollo XXI. He continued to release hits with his most recent album and most popular album Gemini Rights released in July 2022. Bad habit, a song from the album that reached number one on the billboard hot 100 and remained there for three weeks.  

Steve lacy, a successful music artist has performed at 83 concerts throughout his career and already has many upcoming events, playing 19 concerts this year alone. 

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