Technology versus Cybercrime 

By: Emily Garcia

What do we normally say about technology when we analyze what it was supposed to do for us? Most people would tell you that the goal was to better and simplify our lives, which is still true in many ways today. Sadly, technology has also made it possible for people to commit crimes in secret from the comfort of their own homes. Cybercrime is the term for any online illegal act committed while utilizing a computer or other electronic devices to damage another person. It’s important to remember that there are different varieties of internet crime, and every situation should be treated carefully. Identity theft, credit card fraud, sexual harassment, and cyberbullying are a few examples. The world in which we now live have gotten to the point where anyone can cause trouble at any moment, anywhere in the world. Cybercrime, which is still the main tool used by criminals in modern society to discover and target their prey, began to grow with the rise of the internet. Social media, which is an alternative to the web, has significantly helped make it easier for criminals to carry out their attacks on others. For example, Facebook only recently declared that the site has two billion active monthly users. With numbers like those, it simply turns into a large field for both beginner and experienced cyber criminals. The biggest error that most users of social media make is what is known as “oversharing.” Oversharing puts you at danger because it makes it simpler for hackers to obtain important information that could allow them access to your online accounts. If you frequently find yourself posting excessive amounts of information about your relationship, your kids, or yourself on social media, you may be an oversharer. For example, the name, age, or birthdate of your child are three essential pieces of information that can make you a target of fraud. You might be asking how that’s done. People frequently build their passwords on personal information. These passwords are frequently simple to guess and weak. Protect all your information and be safe while navigating the web. 

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