Love and Gen-Z

By: Alex Davis

Are Gen Zers no longer in love? Yes, in a nutshell, but the lengthy response is more macabre. You see, the issue is that Gen Z men and women today select those who only want them for a good time, only for them to be surprised that the relationship didn’t work. Currently, our society is undergoing a change to where no one is willing to listen to each other. Today’s loves are typically unhealthy, and in today’s society, people do not truly love from the heart – love is manufactured.  Let’s start with the fact that almost all relationships capture every moment on social media to illustrate why love is manufactured. Nobody wants to be in private, yet they should be. They crave understanding, other people’s dedication, and attention.  If you receive feedback from others frequently, it can invalidate and destroy any relationship, it will set you up failure, and you will treat your relationship like a picture op.  Also, social media platforms let you post whatever you want to post.  As a result, people start comparing themselves to others, and most importantly, to famous people, and then strive to meet unrealistic standards in love. To be clear, I’m not suggesting that you shouldn’t share photos of your partner on social media, but sharing every detail is a serious problem. Chasing the “Instagram” couple lifestyle can only lead to disaster, and the sooner couples break from this type of mentality, the sooner love can be restored to society.

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