Senior Picnic

By: Lilian Alfonso

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On February 16th, the senior class attended senior picnic at Zoo Miami.  The event kicked off the start of senior activities: senior breakfast, grad bash, and prom. Most seniors are excited about the events.  Once they here talk about preparations for senior picnic, they realize it is the beginning of a series of festivities.  It will be the best months of their lives.

The first requirement for seniors to be eligible to attend senior picnic was to check the senior eligibility list. To make it to the senior eligibility list, you needed to have all requirements necessary for  graduation, and you could not have an excessive number of absences and/or tardies.  If you did not make it to senior picnic, you still have an opportunity to attend other senior events.  If you are not on the list, speak with your counselor and Mr. Vinat. They will tell you what you are missing or what you can do to get on the list for future events.

The next step was to pick up a field trip from Mr. Vinat in the lobby during lunch for completion.  Once you had the form ready, you needed to know that you were eligible for the event.  Then, all you had to do was to log into OPS through the Miami Dade portal and pay the $35 ticket for the senior event.  After completing the form and submitting payment through OSP, you returned to Mr. Vinat with proof of purchase and to receive your ticket.

It is necessary for students to understand this process since you will be repeating it for each of the upcoming senior events.

Once they arrived at the zoo, students were allowed to wonder about until eleven o’clock.  It was exciting to see the different animals: monkeys, otters, elephants, fish and other underwater creatures in their simulated habitats.  At eleven, seniors moved to the designated area for food, drinks, and activities.  The meal consisted off white rice and black beans, lemon chicken, coleslaw, chips, cookies, and lemonade. It was presented buffet style and seniors were able to serve themselves.  After the meal, everyone enjoyed some games, music, and dancing.  Overall, the trip was lots of fun, and those who attended conquered, that it was a great way to spend time together as a senior class.

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