Upcoming Summer (2021)

By: Elizabeth Perez

Many people may argue that going through the end of your teenage life and starting the new phase of adulthood can be scary. Upcoming Summer is a film about two students whom both failed their college entrance exams due to going through realities that helped them to form a strong and lasting friendship. On one side Chen Chen failed her exam because she found out that her mother was having an affair with another man that was not her dad, and on the other side we have Zhen Yu-Xing who failed his exam for being in town for unrequited love.

It all started when they went back to the same class that brought these two together since their first year. Zhen Yu-Xing never really noticed her until one day that Chen Chen’s mother told the teacher that it was his fault, and the reason Chen Chen failed her important exam was because of a ‘’relationship’’ between the two. Which In the end was a lie that was made by Chen Chen to hide the real reason behind it.

Since that day, Zhen Yu-Xing started to get close to Chen Chen to find the real reason behind it. The friendship started to grow deeper and deeper, so in Chen Chen’s 18th Birthday took her to a night club where she would confess her feelings by trying to kiss him, but he didn’t felt the same way, but even though she loved him anyways, even though they went their separates ways she loved him, and learned that it’s okay to feel what you feel that there’s no need to make it go away.

Upcoming Summer is a movie which release date was on Oct 1,2021. The movie is in the famous platform called “Netflix” and it’s One hour and fifty-four minutes.


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