Should plastics be banned?

By: Suhelen Evereth

When you buy something in a store, do you rely on the store’s plastic bags to get your items home? Or do you bring your own reusable bag?

A significant contributor to environmental degradation is plastic bags. Because plastic cannot decompose, it persists in the environment for hundreds of years and significantly pollutes it. Before plastic bags destroy our planet, it has become imperative to outlaw them.

Plastic bags are major cause of environmental pollution because plastic is not biodegradable as a material. Most plastic bags end up in landfills where they take about 300 years to photodegrade since they are expensive and difficult to recycle. They break down into tiny toxic particles that contaminate the soil and waterways and enter the food chain when animals accidentally ingest them.

Plastic bags and even plastic straws should not be thrown around the ocean plastic kills ocean life, takes up space, produces chemical pollution, and harms the environment in general.

Plastic can and has been recycled for decades now, but there are some experts who think that even this isn’t such a good idea. First, not all plastic can be recycled. Only certain types, used for certain purposes can be reused and repurposed. When we recycle plastic, burning plastic smoke can enter the atmosphere when the material is melted down for further processing. And to be perfectly honest, we already have enough issues with the environment.

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