What is The Last of Us?

By: Joshua Castro

The Last of Us is a fictional survival horror game based on a deadly fungus followed by a Zombie Apocalypse. How do people feel about the last of us series? The franchise known as The Last of Us was originally released on June 14th, 2013 with the continuation of the story line from the first game 9 years later dated to September 2nd, 2022.  Although the series had been “remastered” which includes tweaks and fixes. The remake also includes improved graphics and a better performance. This series had fetched much attention and a great audience of the  PlayStation community (PlayStation gaming console).The Game had been put up as a PlayStation hit in the store of the gaming console.

Over time the developers and creators had decided to create a series, due to much success.  The Last of Us series was officially released on January 15, 2023. The two main stars to be playing the roles as “Joel” the elderly man played by Pedro Pascal. Ellie the youthful little girl played by Bella Ramsey. Having been someone who has completed and played through the whole series, the adjustments that had been made to the show are fairly interesting.

As you may or may not realize, the conclusion is controversial, as argued many. When you take it into consideration many individuals have neither heard of the name or even played through one of the games but had watched through the show series. So, that’s where the controversy comes into play. There are many opinions and ideas and statements to be made and said.  Many may like the changes of the show or just know the version of the story from the show that truly makes a good story.

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