March Madness

By: Joshua Castro

March Madness is to college basketball what the World Cup is to soccer or the playoffs are to the NBA or the Super Bowl to football.  It is a competitive tournament in which as you may assume comes around this time of year.  Whether this tournament determines a winner or a champion of the division in the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association), not only has this been thriving and excelling for the love of the sport. Not only this but the NCAA has been doing this since March 27th, 1939. The genius behind this or inventor of the event was Henry V Porter.

Within the years of the production there have been 80 tournaments conducted. Now enough with the history, March Madness is processed through a game of brackets slowly and gradually getting closer to the last game determining the champion of the game. This year being the game winner, or champion UConn. With a score of 59-76. The opposing team against the UConn Connecticut Huskies the game winners were the San Diego State Aztecs.  Making a whopping 5 state championships of 24 they have participated in.

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