Process of making leather shoes

By: Anthony Espinoza

The process of making leather shoes starts from the materials that start from the soles which are distinguished by different types of code. These codes are synthetic leather or textiles. The buckles that are necessary to fasten the shoes when they are going to be used and there are different sizes that depend on the cut. The yellow glue is used to join the cuts and to form the template and give the shape.

After that, use another type of glue that is called white “glue”. It is used to glue the cut that goes to the soles, they also use threads to join them. The fiber is the material from which the shoe insole is made and uses computerized lasts. First they cut the synthetic leather or fabric and then they scratch it and cut the fiber. Fiber is the material from which the insole is made and it is then lined.

Then, they prepare to fasten the upper with the insole using the lasts. They clean the soles and they smear it with glue and then they pass the machine to sew the soles to the rest of the shoe and to the cuts so that this remains more attached and does not come off. Finally, we clean the shoe and pack it to be delivered.

This is the procedure for making leather shoes which makes the development of this type of shoes easier to make. These tools are used to make these types of shoes. The clicker cutter or strap, cobbler’s hammer known as a hammer to sanitize irons, rasp, greyhound fine and long hammer, mitten, leather strap that holds the last to the thigh of the shoe.

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