Kill pollution or it will kill you

By: Emily Garcia

Throughout decades, the issue of pollution gets progressively worse. The creation of renewable energy is crucial since it can be used to improve public health, has helped for less global warming, as well as jobs and other economic benefits. It is just as important to reduce our energy usage through responsible habits and more important devices. The most efficient way of reducing air pollution is to stop using fossil fuels and switch to other energies instead, such as solar, wind, and geothermal. Some actions we can try and take to reduce pollution are: 

  1. If possible, go on a bicycle, walk, take public transportation, or carpool.  Using public transport is an easy way to help reduce air pollution as it uses less fuel and energy. Besides reducing fuel and gas emissions, using public transport can also save you money. Fewer cars on the road means less emissions.
  2. When not in use, turn the lights off.  Less electricity usage can help conserve energy because the energy that lights consume also contributes to air pollution. To protect the environment, use energy-efficient fluorescent lighting.
  3. Say “No” to plastic bags. Plastic products take so long to disintegrate because they are made of oil, their use could have a negative impact on the environment. Paper bags are a preferable alternative because they degrade quickly and can be recycled. 


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