Kaleidoscope, a rainbow of colors

By: Mia Mezzanotte

Kaleidoscope, a Netflix series, takes you on an adventure over the course of 25 years. Each episode is given a color name, with the following being the most common: Green, Yellow, Blue, Violet, Orange, Red, Pink, and White. The thrilling aspect is that viewers can watch in any order they like, but must effectively save white for last. To get to know the characters, this journey takes you on a bank heist during this period. Every episode features a new individual who is introduced along with their role in the robbery. That aims to tell the type of drama that is familiar to most viewers. The white episode, the real heist that is eventually left for last, is what all of the characters have been working on while we watch it happen. While it is exciting to see a group of former strangers commit to steal bonds worth $7 billion retrieved from a supposedly impenetrable vault in New York, there are some minor issues observers thought of this show. Without notice, Netflix resumes on a different color episode which makes it difficult to not get spoiled accidentally. There are a number of clichés that remain unresolved in any order you watch as well. Other than that, the Netflix Series is filled with amazing moments and suspense for the finale that’ll keep viewers ready for anything to happen.

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