Nepo Babies

By: Nicole Burgos

The term “Nepo Baby” refers to a child of wealthy people who has profited from nepotism in the entertainment or related industries (fashion and media are two of the other big ones). Nepotism kids begin life with an edge over bootstrappers and naturally gifted “nobodies”: their parents’ connections. However, many of them later argue that having famous parents makes it difficult for them to make their names.

Being a famous or successful person’s child is one of the best paths to success in the entertainment industry.

They have covertly invaded a great number of cherished works of popular culture. In “Stranger Things,” who did you like best? Hey Robin, was it? Little Nepo. In “The Batman,” who is your preferred feline anti-hero? That’s right; she is a Nepo. A bit of news for you, if you liked the Riddler better in that movie: His real-life girlfriend is also the child of a Nepo.

It is hardly surprising that Maya Hawke and Zo Kravitz are well-known and successful people, given that they are the offspring or relatives of other well-known and successful people.

The phrase “Nepo Baby,” on the other hand, is a more recent invention, and it has caused guilt and anxiety in the individuals it represents. A star-studded maternity ward was used as the cover for the most recent issue of New York magazine, which featured dozens of Nepo infants and even put some of them back in diapers.

Favorite streaming series Nepo Babies are the star and receive recognition at awards. In addition to fronting significant fashion ads, they have been on Broadway.

The dispute about “nepotism babies” erupted in November when Lily-Rose Depp, the daughter of Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis and a cast member in a Sam Levinson series, refuted the term in an interview with Elle. The individuals who cast you in roles care much less about your family’s background than the internet. You may succeed in getting your foot in the door, but all it means is that. After that, there is a lot of labor.

A few of the inclusions in Vulture’s compilation were criticized by some critics as being a bit of a stretch. Phoebe Bridgers, for instance, was listed among “industry babies” as the “daughter of a set builder” next to young Oscar nominee Lucas Hedges, whose dad is a director and whose grandpa was an HBO executive. The comparison of the two stars’ relationships to the industry appeared out of place to several of Bridgers’ followers.

The majority of Vulture’s selected Nepo infants are silent in response to the spread or the uproar it caused. Because of their widespread fame, many of them can completely avoid participating in trends like these.

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