Butterfly Kisses on Episode

By: Chanel Fisher

Butterfly Kisses is an amazing short novel written by a girl named Bri [no last name]. This story is about two friends. It starts off when they were just kids. They are inseparable best friend’s.  However, when something happens and one of them moves away, everything starts to go downhill, that is until Giana comes back into town. Will their love rekindle, or will it be heartbreak all over again? You want to read and download the Episode for free today.

About the APP:  The story was written on a platform called Episode, which is used by millions of teens today. Writers post on Episode and create many animated stories.  The site gives writers freedom with their story uploads.  You get to make and design your own characters and play the story of your choice. You can get Episode on the Apple APP Store or in Google Playstore.

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