Sharks, our new energy savers

By: Devin Williams


Sharks are incredible. They have been present for roughly 450 million years, longer than trees. And during that period, they have mastered the art of being incredibly effective swimmers, effortlessly gliding across the water. Yet how? Can we learn from them how to facilitate better transportation for people while also saving fuel? As is frequently the case, nature proves to be one step ahead of us. According to research, a shark’s skin has a lot of small “ribs” all over it. These lessen drag, improving swimming efficiency for the shark. So why not design an airplane with a covering that mimics shark skin? Climate protection would immediately benefit from fuel savings and emissions reductions. Gas prices are constantly fluctuating and investing in new technology to better save fuel can be extremely helpful to the economy. Researching the “ribs” in a shark’s skin and learning how we can alternate it for our own use is a step in the right direction to begin saving fuel.



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