Kanye praises Hitler on a national podcast

By: Sebastian Rivera

On Friday, December 1,2022, we woke up to the news of Kanye West Twitter suspension by Elon Musk, after West posted a swastika and various anti-Semitic comments. West’s Twitter had suspended a few months earlier and Musk gave it back to him when he bought the popular app.

The Tetraskelion tweet was a part of a series of posts that enclosed praise for Balenciaga, The French luxury complete that terminated its skilled relationship with Kanye in October thanks to his anti-Semitic comments. Balenciaga had partnered with Kanye in October thanks to his anti-Semitic comments. Balenciaga, that partnered with Kanye on runway shows and alternative fashion shows, recently featured its own opinion after variety of allegations that is condoned exploitation.

The conflict stirred by West, World Health Organization goes by Kanye and his string of anti-Semitic remarks on social media. Instagram blocked him from posting once he posted on that platform that Sean Combs, the rapper referred to as Diddy, was being controlled by mortal folks via Twitter. The indefinite Twitter suspension happened on the same day that Kanye appeared on a podcast hosted by the Infowars conspiracy broadcaster Alex Jones, throughout that he hold adult male, Jones “I like Adolf Hitler.”

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