MLB 2023 Season Free Agency 

By:  Shae Ancheta and Daniel Rojas


As the MLB 2022 season comes to an end with the Astros winning their 2nd World Series in 5 years, the offseason starts with many free agents moving on to new teams.  A free agent is a player whose contract expired and can either resign or sign to another team. The first move of the off season was the Astros signing Jose Abreu which was on the White Sox last year. This is a very good move because the Astros were lacking at the first base position. The #2 ranked free agent Jacob Degrom signed with the Texas Rangers. In 2022, the Rangers went 68-94 which is horrible.  So, it is good to see a team like this making moves to better the team. The Phillies which just lost the World Series made a splash by signing the #4 ranked free agent Trea Turner. This shortstop is one of the fastest and most consistent players in the league. Former Houston Astros pitcher Justin Verlander signed with the Mets. Verlander won the 2022 AL Cy Young award which is given to the best pitcher in their league. The Mets lost their star pitcher Degrom and signed Verlander which is not a bad tradeoff. The #1 free agent Aaron Judge which one the MVP award and hit the most Home runs in a season for a player did not take steroids has not singed with anyone yet. He has been meeting with teams like the Mets and the Giants. Wherever he goes will almost make the team an instant contender.

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