Mental fortitude is necessary for a healthy life

By: D'Angelo Marquez

When we have distractions and hardships to overcome, our mental stability can decrease. Many individuals become weak and commit actions they do not, necessarily, wish to partake in, yet still engage in simply because they did not have the courage or know-how to say no.  When the pressure is too great, and they simply give in due to lack of willpower. Having a poor mindset is bad simply because a stronger person that is determined can take advantage of the weak-minded person.  We need to focus on fixing our mindset and ruling out what makes our concentration weak, what makes our mind weak, and what makes our willpower weak.  By fixing and adjusting these things, we can function better as a mind-healthy individual.  With a better mindset, you could potentially unlock who you truly are and unlock the abilities that are hidden to you now.  The point is, we need to cut out all the unnecessary things, or people, that restrict and bind us to flourish and become the person we are meant to be.  Students at Miami Springs Senior High are participating in mental health activities via Edgenuity.   Each unit will be completed on a monthly basis from now until May.  

If you feel you need to speak with someone about your mental stability or to learn more about mental health, see Ms. Rosamelia Gonzalez in room 201 or simply click on the link below: https://health.clevelandclinic.org/mental-strength/  

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