Midterm Elections

By: Nicholas Delrio

Almost a week after Election Day, we still don’t know if we’re entering a new era of divided government, but at a minimum, the Democrats are maintaining control of the Senate. This means the Biden administration will likely face fewer combative investigations from that chamber and have an easier time getting its nominees confirmed. However, there are roadblocks Republicans can still put up, such as by putting a hold on nominations. Additionally, the Biden administration is not expected to face the same types of investigations from Senate committees with Democrats in the majority as it would under Republican control, as Republicans will not have subpoena power or agenda-setting authority.

As for the House, as of today the Republicans still had the lead (212 seats, compared to the Democrats’ 204), but there were more races that still needed to be called before determining the majority in that chamber. a Republican controlled House would mean investigations into Biden family members, the origins of COVID, the Justice Department, the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan and the Biden administration’s border policies.

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