How to be a good writer.

By: Victor Racek

Do you like writing? Whether it’s writing a message, an essay, or your own story, your writing is the most powerful and creative tool you can use for anything. Writing is an emotional tool that can take anyone, anywhere. Pick up a book right now, and let your mind take you through an adventure as you read words that make your imagination run wild. Furthermore Writing your form of information or entertainment, can boost your brain by how much you write. The more you write the more you improve your writing. As time goes on you start writing mediocre to writing professionally. However, if you desire to be a good writer becoming an author, screenwriter, or journalist, consider these steps as a help.

Read Regularly

Reading is a very important way to improve your writing. Any form of media, comedy, horror, educational, and every book you read is a gateway to using certain words and sentences. Daily reading can make you gain more enjoyment from what you read, studies show that constant reading can improve vocabulary and speech, and it can even lower the chances of Alzheimer’s. Forming a habit of reading can expose you to new and creative writing styles that can benefit how you write. Reading is beneficial to improving your brain; it can also improve your focus, memory, empathy,
and your communication skills. Studies show reading can reduce stress, ameliorate your mental health, and help you live longer. It can even help you avoid writer’s block which is a massive convenience Reading ultimately guides you to learn new things; helps you succeed in your work, and form new
relationships. Perhaps the most important matter in reading is how it helps you find yourself.

Write Everyday

Having to push yourself every day to write sounds tedious; even some consider it a chore. With that being said: you might try to avoid doing it; however, if you are interested to improve your writing make a routine of writing every day; it will improve your writing skills. Writing every day is an amazing exercise for writers to manage. The reason why is that practice requires attention and awareness. However, writing too much can cause issues in your brain. The brain can send incorrect information to the muscles which
can cause you to make mistakes like; spelling a word wrong, hand pain, and brain fog; These examples can lead to dystonia. Don’t ever feel pressure to write so much, it’s okay to take a break and let your brain rest. Research shows writing daily can generate more creative ideas as you progress over time. Writing down ideas can give you fresh perspectives and choices making the flow of your brain think more clearly with memorization. Making a habit of writing can help set you up for daily challenges and self-reflection.  Consistency is key during your writing journey.

Find your voice

Voice is the most important skill in writing; how you write reveals your personality and how it affects the reader’s mind. Your writing voice is you. As a human being, you give life to the writing; readers want to feel the same as the characters, live the adventures and heal through heartbreaks, only you can give them that. Your mannerisms, characters, conflicts, and emotions give feeling to the reader’s mind and that’s the ultimate goal in writing to not only have readers appreciate your writing voice but also to be proud of your voice as a writer. The only way to develop your voice in writing is to practice both your writing and speech. Being honest with how you write and speak improves greatly. A shortcut is not a helping tool, nor is it a way to help you write better, taking someone else’s writing and using it as your own with little to no
changes to a few words is not the answer. “ Don’t take the easy way out.” Developing your voice first comes with understanding who you are as a person and how you speak to the world. Work on this skill that you already have. Every voice has a different impact but how your voice expresses it matters to the message you are trying to send. It may sound nonpictorial, but it’s honestly the best way to become the voice of your writing. Your voice is what the world wants to hear.

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