How has technology impacted teenagers?

By: Emily Garcia

Technology has helped people remain connected despite the distance; however, it prevents them from maintaining and establishing real-life connections. Young adults often use dating apps and social media to get to know new people without facing the risk of meeting face-to-face with a stranger who could potentially be dangerous. This is an effortless way because people are not always comfortable meeting up in person for the first time. Nevertheless, Today, people rely on social media to share their life experiences and look at what others do. Some get so comfortable with this that they start oversharing about their lives which could lead to strangers using their information in a way that affects them. As a result, many teens have problems socializing; most could blame technology for that. Social anxiety is caused by a lack of interaction with other individuals; many teens suffer from this since they spend all day on their phones or other technology devices. According to “Adolescent Tech Use and Mental Health,” “Technology use in adolescents can increase creativity, identity development, social group connection, and improvements in self-esteem and well-being. However, there are numerous potential risks, such as cyberbullying, sending sexual content, excessive use, and compromised privacy.” Technology is suitable for many things, but it is never good to rely on it as much as some do.

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