A slight insight on chess

By: D'Angelo Marquez


People claim it prepares you for life, and it strengthens mental health and memory.  Other believe it could even increase IQ levels. What else could I be talking about?   The game of chess, of course.  Chess is a universal game played and enjoyed from the most novice players to the most advance and intellectual of players and is now currently being played and practiced at Miami Springs Senior High School under tutelage of Professor Giovani Bruscantini.

Now, why should you give your attention to chess? Probably because it is a world renown game with a large platform of players. If you really want to dominate and reach an elevated level of intellectuality, then chess is one of the best platforms to take on. Chess can provide a variety of skills and will help you meet multiple people of diverse backgrounds.

To learn more about the chess club, you can contact Coach Bruscantini via  bruscantini@dadeschools.net .

Make sure to come with enthusiasm, and we hope to see you soon!

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