Racism in schools

By: Tiyanna Cooper

Racism in our country is a big issue, and it is deeply rooted in some of the most typical and everyday people, places, and things, including schools. Though you may not recognize it, take a moment to be open your minds and take off your rose-tinted glasses. One of the many stresses in our world today is racism.  With big movements and liberations such as like Black Lives Matter, NAACP, KIND (Kids in Need of Defense), and many others, it is safe to say the country in which we live is not created equal. An example of this be the death of George Floyd which caused an uproar of protest in June 2020 after an officer restrained Floyd with his knee for approximately eight minutes.  Finally, after an arduous trial, it was determined that the death was racially biased. This is just one of the many cases against black and brown people that came to light.

So, this being such a complex issue, we ask ourselves, how does this affect the lives of children? As we know, the media, people, and things we hear and read about have a major impact on our mindsets.  Even in the places where we are taught some of the most important things in the field of academics, “racial discrimination [may be] the persistent gap between nonwhite students, mainly black and Latino youth…” (The Atlantic). Due to racial discrimination, this factor in school can lead many nonwhite students to not want to excel in school.

Before making a joke, mocking someone, or saying something that might be offensive, just think about the statement that will be made, and how it will impact the person you say it to.  Once a comment is made, it can never be taken back. The way people perceive you is purely based on how you portray yourself, whether it be who you truly are or a façade, please be kind to others no matter who they are or what they look like.  Remember, we are all on the outside looking at you.

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