The Infamous Cut

By: Brianna Hollie


On the first day of school, Miami Springs Senior High School students were met with a huge surprise: a beloved teacher, known for his gorgeous locs got a new haircut.

The day was August 17, 2022 and as students entered Mr. Bruscantini’s classroom, they were flabbergasted with unfamiliarity. The man was almost unrecognizable. Some thought it was yet another teacher that had been replaced this school year, but no, it was the same old Bruscantini.

There had been some speculation about the purpose of his hair choice all of last school year: was he going for a beachy surfer look, homeless chic, an homage to Jared Leto or Jason Momoa? Why the need for such drastic change in appearance? No one better to ask than the man himself.

According to Mr. Bruscantini, he was overdue for a new cut. Before he got his new cut in June of 2022, the last time he sat at a barber shop was December of 2019. The long locs were not a decision he decided on, but rather something that grew overtime due to barbers being shut down due to COVID 19 lockdowns, which were not an inconvenience for the history teacher since he is not too fond of trips to the barber anyways. “I just don’t like getting my hair cut or going to the barber shop.” However, he kept the locs for  about two and a half years  until it became more of a nuisance due to things such as heavy shampoo use or knots . Mr. Bruscantini explains “ it’s much more easy to have it short than to have it long”, he goes on to say “I think I just reached a breaking point, where he decided that it would be much easier to get a hair cut than to have it down.”

Mr. Bruscantini does not regret his decision when it comes to cutting his hair. He explains that he actually cut it twice this summer; the first cut being a cut that required a lot of attention for it to look right. For example, styling his hair every morning, which was not something a busy man like Bruscantini was in for. He describes himself as a “low maintenance guy, who doesn’t like to do any of that.” This was when he went back and got the cut he has now which doesn’t require much attention. Mr. Bruscantini does not plan on going back to get it trimmed anytime soon, until his hair, once again, reaches an awkward point in terms of length. “ I don’t really have long term plans, just when the time is right.” He does not plan on making any other drastic changes to his appearance like a mustache trim, but he explains that he has been shaving more. The man looks seemingly overjoyed without those long locks weighing down on him. The look is extremely fresh and clean.

Here are a few student’s opinions on the new ‘do’!

“I can’t decide if he looks better with the longer hair or with the cut, I feel as though with the shorter hair, he does look really clean, but with the longer hair there was a certain uniqueness.” Says 12th grader, Britney Walkin. Chanel Olazabal nods in agreement, she explains “maybe he should have kept it at a medium length and not so short.”

Overall Bruscantini’s new do’ has been all the rave the first few weeks of school, now we know the story behind it.

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