What university is good for engineering?

By: Max

To become an engineer, you need to be excellent at critical thinking, tactile, and problem-solving skills. The universities in Florida that are good for engineering are the University of Miami, University of Central Florida, University of South Florida, Florida State University, and University of Florida. The very best for engineering is the University of Florida. You must earn a high SAT or ACT score, have a 4.5 plus weighed GPA, and/or be in the top 10% of your class. Why is the University of Florida so good for engineering?  The Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering at the University of Florida offers different types of engineering degrees: civil engineering, chemical, mechanical, electrical, and industrial.  Electrical and systems engineers are one of the highest paying engineering jobs in the world. The University of Florida is ranked 41 nationwide in engineering, and more specifically, 5th in Biological/Agricultural Engineering. The university, with it’s new state of the art engineering building, offers a plethora of engineering coursework, programs, and internships to suit your career plans.


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