What are your plans after graduation?

By: Lilian Alfonso

You would hope that by the time students reach their senior year, they would have some plans for life after high school. However, this reporter quickly realized that many seniors have different plans. To figure out what seniors at Miami Springs Senior High School have planned for their future, this reporter interviewed two of them Maria Lorenzo and Victoria Rojas. Both interviewees had different approaches to how they would get to the same goal.

“What has been the highlight of your senior year so far?” Both stated how it felt nice to reconnect with friends and teachers but also felt nice to not have as many core classes to worry about.

“Where do you see yourself in ten years?” Both said they would be doing a form of nursing trying to become a doctor in the future.

“What are you worried about most in the future?” With this question, the ladies had different views.  Maria stated how she is afraid of failure and failing to reach her goal while Victoria said how she feared the real world and having to deal with all the things her parents have warned her about.

When asked about their legacies Victoria Rojas stated how she has been a part of many clubs, but most importantly, the drama club, and how that has helped her reach the incoming generation. Maria stated how she has joined many clubs to be involved and show that anyone can be involved and to leave the school as a role model. As for what advice they would give the students, they both had the same advice: younger generations need to try their best to stay on track and not let themselves lose motivation when things get tough. They also stated how they should try their best to get involved with the school make sure people know who you are by the time you graduate. Overall, it seems that both ladies have what it takes to be successful.  Good luck in all of your future endeavors.

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