Return of the Lady Hawks

By: Natalie Maestre

After a year of absence from the scene, the Lady Hawks softball team has returned.  Three games and three wins into their season, their presence is finally starting to be recognized and supported throughout the school.

Last year, in February of 2021, the team was forced out of a season due to the lack of players.  This year, hosting tryouts in early February, they faced a similar challenge.  The first week, only about 5 girls showed up with promise from a couple girls playing soccer to join later in the season.  Three players have joined since then and have been huge assets to the team

Still, the team was short of players.  They needed 9 to play, and two weeks into the season, they barely had seven.  Luckily, the track and field coach, Coach Jones, sent a few of his girls to try out.  Many have stayed on the team and learned to play in a matter of weeks.  Not only did the team reach their goal of 9 players but exceeded it with 14.

The first time the team played together was February 23, 2022, against Jackson.  This was 9 of the girls’ first time ever facing a game.  On the field first, everyone took their positions only to have Destiny Lake strikeout batter after batter for four innings straight.  This pattern would continue as they played North Miami Beach and HML.  Only two girls from the opposing teams have gotten on base in three games, leaving the Spring’s girls to get a lot of experience batting.  All games have been won through a run rule, meaning that 15 points or more to 0 were scored before the end of the 4th inning.

While the team is enjoying their winning streak, they do recognize their huge advantage of two experienced seniors on the team, Destiny Lake and Gaby Morales.  Gaby is the starting shortstop, and assists the newcomers in explaining plays on and off the field.  The new girls are hoping to get some defensive action soon in order to be even more prepared for next season, assuming they all return.  Until then, Miami Springs Senior High wishes only the best for our young and fresh softball team.

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