Covid Spike

By: Ta'mya Y. Lewis

After returning from Winter Break, it was shocking to hear what most people went through.  Plenty of students complained of not really having a great Christmas or New Year’s, because they were sick.  So when it was time to go return to school, many students couldn’t start the New Year due to Covid exposure and the flu. The fastest spread of COVID-19 in the U.S. ever, a 333% jolt upward in the last week alone, with nearly 124,900 cases reported. From Oct. 15, 2021 through Dec. 3, 2021, Florida averaged about 12,000 new cases a week – approximately 95,000 cases in all.  Miami-Dade County School District updated the mask mandate and required teachers and staff to wear masks. Even though it is not required for students to wear masks, it should be known that wearing your mask is the best way to stay safe.  It is important that everyone does their part in sanitizing and protecting themselves from germs.

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