All I want for Christmas is…

Article: Melanie Perez Video: Alexander Flamenco

During December at Miami Springs Senior High School, we have winter break (December 17- January 3) that lasts two weeks and is used to enjoy the holidays that occur that month. Before that break, our school decided to announce a “Holiday Spirit Week” which consists of different events happening throughout the week. Every day of this week students were given the opportunity to dress up as different characters and have more contrasting styles than usual. There were also several activities during lunchtime meant for students to participate in and enjoy. Interviews took place within the school that involved the discussion of gift giving and what students would want under their tree for Christmas (if they celebrate it). The tradition of gift giving began in the first half of the 1800s, particularly in New York City, and was part of a bigger transformation of Christmas to become the one we now know and love. Giving gifts can also help us establish our connection with others, which can reflect the individuals participating in the gift giving and their relationship. If you ever wonder what a good idea could be to show your appreciation for someone, a gift can be the way to go and spread the cheer. 

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