Bullying and sexual abuse on the internet

By: Alyssa Stephens

Today’s orientation in the auditorium, holding only the junior class, was very informative and paramount to teens. FBI and Miami Beach Police officers spoke about human trafficking and the importance of what we post and do online. The discussion was on serious topics: cyber bullying, online texting, and the sending of personal photos and information. The officers spoke on how to be aware of certain manipulations that people on the internet utilize and force upon you, and about being careful of the things we spread and say about other students on the internet, because it can lead to serious matters, such as suicide. Students were then informed of how crucial it is to not engage in any sexual conversation with anyone on the internet. Most people are not who they say they are.  You may be thinking that the person typing on the other side of the screen is someone your age, but in reality, it can very easily be a sexual predator. Another topic that was very interesting was the sending of pornography from student to student. Again, be mindful of what you send online; not everyone is to be trusted with such delicate photos. One day you may be interviewing for an important position, and the last thing you need, is your future boss “busting out” photos of you in your birthday suit. Remember, the majority of what is posted in the internet stays online forever. So be careful!

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