Cross Country’s Last Race

By: Natalie Maestre

Starting from the week before schools start until October 29, Miami Springs cross country season came to end.  Ending the season with 8 consistent members, the team finished their season at a district meet at Larry and Penny Park with the whole team breaking their personal records.  Aaron Bowe was the first boy from springs to finish in only 24 minutes.  Alex came soon after with a time of 30:43. Unfortunately, senior Jayden Padilla was unable to attend.  For the girls, Natalie Maestre came in at 29:28, Ashley Amaya at 29:47, Victoria Bello at 31.25, Madison Ramirez at 37:20, and Sofia Stewart at 44:14.

For some of the team members, this was only their second race.  For others it was their last. 

Victoria and Jayden were the two seniors of the team, and Victoria was pleased to know that she had gotten her best time of the season (practices included) at the most important meet they would attend.  At their previous meet, Ashley Amaya, their new sophomore, ran her 5k in 28 minutes and 58 seconds after only running 3 miles for about a week.  It was the best time any of the girls had ever gotten.  Unfortunately, she finished that race with an ankle injury, but was able to recover in time for Districts.  Coach Bermudez says that “have she had more time to prepare, she probably would have gotten in the top ten or top fifteen.”

At districts, she held the lead for majority of the race until she got a body cramp.  Nonetheless, she had one of the best times of the team and was only 20 seconds away from getting the best time for her school.

The team went through a phase of gaining and losing players to work or just interest.  That being said, Mr. Bermudez is ready to continue coaching and is hoping to start the season earlier in the summer and get people who are interested in cross country as soon as possible.

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