MDCPS alleviated it’s stand on masks

Article: Alyssa Stephens -- Interview: Lesvia J. Hernandez -- Video: Alexander M. Flamenco

The mask mandate in schools has taken a huge turn for the better or for the worse, it all depends on who you ask.  Miami Dade County Public Schools has modified it’s original stand on masks and has allowed parents to opt-out of the mask mandate.  Teachers will also be allowed to remove their masks.  Giving students and faculty the choice to wear masks might cause a problem.  In this reporters opinion, masks were the only thing stopping the spread if COVID 19.  Even if you take both doses of the vaccine, it does not mean you cannot get COVID, and worse, spread it to an unvaccinated person.  Only time will tell whether the decision will have consequences.  We asked Miami Springs students what they thought about the controversial topic of masks in school.

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